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Suicide: who cares if one more light goes out?

Who cares if one more light goes out in the sky full of stars?
Well, i do.
Frustrated? Depressed? So be it.
Thinking of ending the one precious life you have? So do it.
'But' before that. Do you think someone as awesome as you deserve such a death? A death in which you get no peace, there are just crumbled broken pieces of glass laying on the floor in a room full of dark darkness? Where nothing but crying for help, screaming out to the ears who can't listen is going on.
You think you deserve that?
Well, I surely think you're better, way better than that and deserve a lot more.
Life is a game made for everyone. It is the same for every star in the sky, it depends on the star whether to be the reason of home coming for someone( because a Shining star always guides a person back home)
To be just another faint one.
Life leaves us with 2 choices every time. That's just the rule of the world. One side being 'The End' and the second being 'A new start'
It souly depends on you what you do with the situation you are in.
When light goes out and everything fades away you still have hope.
Lord, is the light that never fades and will never fade. His love for you is forever. Just think and try to have faith before you even think about the end. Lord tests you in different ways but those are just test cause he says:
The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8
Have a seed of faith. Atleast try.
Trust me it works. And when it does? Let me know.
Live life to the fullest before nature itself engulfs you.



Sounds too long isn’t it?Yeah even to me. 

We all do feel like there’s an entire year to do things we think we are going to do in that year but before you know it you’re standing on the edge of the year waiting for the tick tock to hit 12 and enter another year without even trying to do things you had planned. 

Admit it or not we all have been on that boat. You know life gives us all this B.S. It just throws everything at us too see whether we can survive it or not. Trust me living is not for the weak(heard it somewhere) 

but in my eyes no one is weak it’s just that we take time according to our mentality and our choices.
Talking about my year: 

DAMN. I love my life! This year was the best,”The Best!” . 

All the memories, every fucking thing that has happened to me in this past year i want it to happen again. I want her to happen again. The special someone of our lives are always there to make our lives worth living. 

Everyday i wake up i thank God and i tell myself that i woke up today because i know her prayers are with me. Because i know she is with me.<3 
Every year more is a year less from our lives. Every year brings joy and sadness, that’s just that you can’t help it. If there’s joy there is going to be a time of devastation(frankly speaking!) 

But the thing is you cannot control what’s been thrown at you, so just stop worrying and trust the one who did put you in this situation. Cause he knows the future he has decided something. 

Trust him cause miracles happen and maybe lord will make things that you never expected to be back in your lives come back to you. (Crazy world anything can happen anytime!) 

Just feel blessed everyday. Cause you have something someone else desires to have.

Life is fun! Live it.


Human- Beautiful yet scarred!

Human- sounds so simple. But sometimes a simple stone can break a glass. What i wanna say is that even simpler things are complicated af!
You love a person like you’re completely drowned in that person, you find yourself in them you think that everyone should be like them. Here comes the “But”. But what if the person you fell in love with isn’t that person anymore. The person you gave your heart to isn’t the person you wanted to be with for so long. That hurts, that does. Even that thought gave me goosebumps.

Thank God for all the people you still have in your life. People who are with you no matter what, who stand by your side even if the sky is falling down cause somewhere at someplace a person is crying for just a hand while here you’re grabbing someone’s shoulder! 

Folks TBH I “literally ” thank God every morning for a blessing he has given me. “She” is more than a blessing. ❤️ 

I know no matter what she’s there for me. And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.I look at her and i can see rest of my life in front of me! A little off topic but when it comes to her feelings flow.:3 

Be Glad for people you have and who love you..





I want you to open the doors of your mind and think.

An ordinary day, an ordinary morning. The day passed by, taught you a new lesson.But as the night creeped in you were struck by a thought ” what if  everything you’ve ever wanted and everything you ever cared about just gets lost within a blink of an eye?” it’s like you wake up and everything you had, was just a dream, a dream  you dreamed while you were dreaming..

The other day a friend of mine was caught up in a similar situation.He was in a situation where he felt like everything that he had is going to get faded. He knew it was his life but for the betterment of it he had to let it go, that person almost gave up. The situation made his mind believe that , that was the end of it . But he forgot that he had someone who can ignite fire in water and that nothing is impossible for him.He forgot who was above him. But lord the God is always faithful towards his promises. Right when he thought it was the end, a new path was made for him. A path that was much brighter than the path  he had planned for himself!



Embarrassment- a feeling that boundries our thoughts.


Embarrasment is like a wound that’s exposed again and again!

It’s just a feeling yet it overpowers our brain. Sometimes in life even after our best efforts we are unable to make our mind work the way we want it to, feelings are just a thorn that makes us realise that pain.

It’s a feeling that boundries our thoughts, we no more have that sense of conciousness in us,we feel driven by shame. When the cloud of embarrasement circles us we feel like taking some drops of water in our palm and get drowned in that water, well even thats a better death than the death that embarrassment causes.

We can’t control that feeling but what we can do is train our brain in such a way that we don’t give shit about what anyone else thinks of us(not gonna be easy but worth a try), ignoring what people say sometimes can prove to be beneficial.



Step towards light.

imageHello People. The world we live in has a lot more to offer than we imagine. I believe that every eye has its own perception and that we all see life differently . So Here i am, trying to offer you folks some value trying to give you a piece of cake. Depends on you now.Eat it or let it slip. Watch your step cause i’m about to drop some value in a time to come.


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